7 Ways To Recycle Your Toilet Paper Rolls

7 Ways To Recycle Your Toilet Paper Rolls

There’s no denying it: recycling is a good habit to have. It helps the environment and saves you money, plus it’s just nice to do your part. There are plenty of things to recycle in your home, and toilet paper rolls are at the top of the list.

The average person uses about 2.66 rolls of toilet paper per week, equating to 8-10 rolls per week for a family of 4. That’s 8-10 cardboard toilet paper tubes heading to the landfill every week. Here are seven fun ways you can recycle toilet paper rolls at home that will make recycling fun again and keep your overall waste production to a minimum.

DIY Projects To Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

There are several creative ways to upcycle empty toilet paper rolls for different needs around the home. One fun way is to make toilet paper seed starting pots. These posts make it quick and easy to start seedlings indoors. Another creative use for toilet paper tubes involves making phone holders. You can get a beautiful phone holder that doubles as a speaker using only scissors, thumbtacks, and decorating skills. Let’s take a look at our top 7 diy crafts to recycle your toilet paper rolls.

Make Biodegradable Seed Starting Pots

To recycle toilet paper rolls into biodegradable seed starting pots, simply cut 4 strips around one end of the tube and fold each inward to form the bottom of the pot. Fill the pots with soil and plant your seeds. After your seeds have sprouted, make a couple of cuts along the pot's side to allow the roots to spread out into the garden soil. You can also use cardboard tubes as biodegradable seed starting pots. When you're ready to plant, these tubes can be put directly into the ground. They are less expensive than biodegradable pots, but are still cost-effective for long-term garden success. Upcycling your toilet paper rolls into biodegradable seed starting pots can help reduce waste and save money while enjoying a sustainable and healthy gardening practice.

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Keep Cords Organized

To keep cords from tangling, you can coil them and put them inside toilet paper tubes. To store cords, wrap them and place them in an empty roll. To organize cords, curl them and put them in a tube. Labeling the tubes can help with the easy identification of cords. Decorate the tubes with wrapping paper, washi tape, or duct tape for a decorative look. These creative recycling tips will help you keep your cords organized and neat.

Make An Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder

Making an eco-friendly bird feeder from toilet paper rolls is a fun and creative way to recycle. You can use toilet paper rolls, bird seed, string, or twine to create your own feeder. To make your feeder more attractive to birds, you can cut the toilet paper roll into a desired shape and use small holes around the top of the roll. Next, thread the twine through the holes and tie a knot at each end to secure it in place. Then, fill the roll with bird seed and hang it outside in a spot where birds are likely to frequent. By recycling toilet paper rolls and using them to make an eco-friendly bird feeder, you can help reduce waste and conserve resources while fostering a sustainable lifestyle.

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Tidy Up Your Wrapping Paper

Wrap paper rolls in toilet paper tubes to keep them neat and tidy when not in use. Simply roll up the wrapping paper and place it into a toilet paper tube. To make things even nicer, use decorative tape or allow your kids to decorate the tubes. Keeping your wrapping paper in a tidy tube and taking these steps can help reduce waste and save money while staying environmentally friendly.

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Use For Kids Craft Ideas

Toilet paper rolls are versatile and can be used for crafting projects such as paper-mâché assignments, canvasses for paint sessions, DIY stationery holders, and more toilet paper roll crafts. Reusing toilet paper tubes is a great way to reduce household waste and entertain your kids. Kids can use them for all types of crafts, including jewelry holders, toy car organizers, and much more. 

Make A DIY Phone Holder

Toilet paper rolls can be used to make various creative and useful items. For example, you can recycle toilet paper rolls to make a DIY phone holder. This is a great way to keep your phone organized and within easy reach. Instead of using expensive wire holders, you can use toilet paper rolls to create a handy and stylish phone holder. This can help you save precious space in your pocket or purse. You can also decorate the holder with stickers or ribbons for an extra special touch. By recycling toilet paper rolls, you can reduce the waste generated by landfills and help protect the environment. Besides, making a DIY phone holder is a fun way to express your creativity and stay organized at the same time.

Make Pencil Holders

Toilet paper rolls are made of cardboard, making them ideal for recycling projects. They can be used to create pencil holders, for example. Toilet paper rolls can easily be cut and shaped with scissors or a craft knife. You can use decorations such as decorative paper or fabric to personalize the pencil holder. Some people like to glue, staple, or tape several pencil holders together to create a colorful desk organizer.

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Wrapping things up, there are many different ways to recycle toilet tissue rolls to reduce your overall household waste and express your creativity. At Bampooh, a leading Bamboo toilet paper company, we promote eco-friendly and zero waste practices and encourage you to use one of the above tips to recycle toilet paper tubes used from your products. If you are unable to reuse your toilet paper rolls, you can put them in your recycling bin for curbside pick up to ensure they are disposed of properly. Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls break down easily and can be recycled with other recycled materials. Alternatively, you can toss them in your compost bin with food waste and other organic materials.

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