How Many Trees Are Cut Down Every Year For Toilet Paper?

How Many Trees Are Wasted On Toilet Paper Daily? - Bampooh

With more and more people becoming more environmentally conscious of the products they purchase, many are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to products they use daily. Toilet paper production makes up 15% of deforestation, according to the Natural Resource Defense Council. Today, we are going to look at how many trees are wasted on toilet paper on a daily basis, and how switching to bamboo toilet paper can help make a difference.

How Many Trees Are Cut Down Every Year For Toilet Paper?

According to a National Geographic report in 2010, worldwide toilet paper consumption was responsible for 27,000 trees being cut down per day on average. As the population has grown, you can expect this number to have drastically increased. For reference, in 2010, there were 6.9 billion people worldwide. At the time of this article, in 2022, there were 8 billion people worldwide. That would equate to over 31,000 trees being cut down daily if we look at the same average use. This means nearly 11-12 million trees are cut down yearly for toilet paper production.

How Much Toilet Paper Does A Tree Make?

Now that we know how many trees are cut down daily, we can look at how many rolls of toilet paper we get from each tree. According to most experts, a fully mature tree can produce around 800 toilet paper rolls. With most people using approximately 100 rolls of toilet paper a year, that equates to about eight trees per person a year!

How To Reduce Environmental Impact With Bamboo Toilet Paper

If these stats are alarming, you are not alone. Many people are switching to Bamboo toilet paper for a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper. Bamboo is much more sustainable than trees and will require no destruction of forests to create. Check out our full selection of bamboo toilet paper to get yours ordered today!

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