Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Expensive? | Price Comparison

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Expensive? | Price Comparison

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bamboo toilet paper? Sustainability? Eco-Friendly? Cost? These are three of the most asked-about items regarding bamboo toilet paper. Since many people want to switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint, the cost is oftentimes the bigger concern. With bamboo toilet paper, there has always been a stigma of it being expensive, but is this still true? Today, we look at the cost of bamboo toilet paper and compare it to regular toilet paper to help you may a more informed financial decision. 

Why Is Bamboo Toilet Paper So Expensive?

Bamboo toilet paper has always been more expensive than traditional toilet paper due to its unique toilet paper production process. Since bamboo toilet paper is less popular than traditional, wood-based toilet paper, the cost of production has always been higher than mass-produced toilet paper. As time has passed, bamboo toilet paper has become cheaper to produce, driving the cost down to a more competitive level. Fast forward to today, Bampooh’s bamboo toilet paper price rivals the most popular toilet paper brands on the shelves, making bamboo toilet paper more affordable than ever while still being septic-safe.

Bamboo Toilet Paper Vs Regular Toilet Paper Costs

Bamboo toilet paper is a sustainable alternative to the wood-based paper used for toilet paper. Instead of using wood pulp, bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo, the fastest-growing plant on the planet. This plant grows in countries worldwide and can be harvested quickly to create sustainable toilet paper without disrupting the panda habitat. Bamboo can grow 3 feet a day and takes 3 years to reach maturity when harvested. This makes it an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for your bathroom.

Recycled toilet paper has environmental impacts too, but bamboo toilet paper is more sustainable and renewable than tree pulp. Bamboo toilet paper is similar to hardwood, which is usually combined with softwood to make the usual toilet paper.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper More Expensive Than Regular Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper, but it has to be priced accordingly for more people to adopt the switch. As previously mentioned, bamboo toilet paper is becoming more popular worldwide, allowing production to ramp up, and resulting in cheaper production costs. When paying extra for bamboo toilet paper, you are getting toilet paper that is free of harmful chemicals and a better option for the environment.

Taking a look at Bampooh’s 24-pack of bamboo toilet paper, we can put it up against a leading manufacturer of traditional toilet paper.


  • 24 Rolls
  • 3 Ply
  • 310 Sheets
  • Cost: $38.00

Leading Brand

  • 24 Rolls
  • 2 Ply
  • 242 Sheets
  • Cost: $26.49

Understanding Sheets Per Roll

When shopping for toilet paper, many people look at the number of rolls they are getting, but it is important to look at how many sheets you get as well. When it comes to toilet paper, you may see labels such as “Mega Rolls” or “Jumbo Rolls” which usually indicate you are getting more sheets per roll. However, when you do the math, you may notice that you are being misled most of the time. For instance, a Charmin Giant Mega Roll contains 286 sheets, whereas a single roll of Bampooh toilet paper contains 310 sheets.

Environmental Cost

Bamboo toilet paper is an eco-friendly option compared to traditional toilet paper as it is a renewable resource that grows quickly with minimal space and no need for pesticides or fertilizer. However, the cost of bamboo toilet paper must be considered in addition to its environmental benefits. The cost of bamboo toilet paper may be higher than traditional toilet paper, but it can be found at competitive prices. Ultimately, the cost and environmental impact of any toilet paper choice depends on various factors, including the type, brand, and price. 

Save Money With Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription

Bamboo toilet paper is a great eco-friendly option for consumers looking for toilet paper that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, some of the best bamboo toilet paper is not found in stores, but can easily be purchased online. At Bampooh, you can purchase any of our bamboo toilet paper in sample rolls, 24 pack rolls, and 48 pack rolls of toilet paper any time you want. If you want to save some additional money and ensure you never run out of toilet paper, choose our bamboo toilet paper subscription service. This subscription service allows you to get bamboo toilet paper delivered in a specific interval at a discounted price.

Bampooh’s Bamboo Toilet Paper

When it comes to bamboo toilet paper, Bampooh is one of the most popular choices for those who want to make an eco-friendly switch in their life. Bambooh’s premium bamboo toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo pulp and is free from any BPA, fragrances, dyes, bleaches, or other harmful chemicals used in traditional toilet paper. As a tree-free TP, our biodegradable bamboo toilet paper is 100% sustainable and hypoallergenic to help prevent any irritation those with sensitive skin may get from other toilet paper materials. Got a septic system? No problem! Our toilet paper is septic tank friendly and is soft, yet durable enough not to rip or tear when wiping. Bamboo toilet paper is also very absorbent, thanks to bamboo fibers, to give you a better wiping experience. We have also priced our bamboo toilet paper to be as competitively priced as other toilet paper manufacturers to allow you to make the switch without worrying about stretching your budget.


In conclusion, bamboo toilet paper is naturally soft and eco-friendly. But you might be wondering whether it’s expensive. Well, bamboo toilet paper is slightly more expensive than regular toilet paper. The price of bamboo toilet paper can range around 10-25% more expensive than regular toilet paper because of the process involved in creating bamboo toilet paper. However, this price is reducing every year thanks to better production prices, and a bamboo toilet paper subscription service can help you save money and use eco-friendly toilet paper at a reasonable price.

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