5 Reasons To Switch To Bamboo Toilet Paper

5 Reasons To Switch To Bamboo Toilet Paper

Let’s talk toilet paper. We know it’s not the most exciting topic, but hear us out. Did you know that traditional toilet paper is responsible for the destruction of around 27,000 trees every day? That’s right. To supply the world with enough toilet paper for one day, 27,000 trees must be cut down, processed, and pressed to create toilet paper.

At Bampooh, this was one fundamental reason we set out to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly toilet paper that can help change our environment. Bamboo grows quicker than trees, giving you a more sustainable option for toilet paper production. While this reason alone is enough to make the switch, here are 5 reasons to further assist with making the switch to bamboo toilet paper:


1. More Eco-Friendly

Our eco-friendly toilet paper helps reduce global tree harvest by providing an alternative that requires no trees to be cut down in production. Plus, when purchasing with us, our partners at Ecologi will plant new trees too. That’s right - it takes just 3-4 years of growth time for one single bamboo pole meaning much fewer resources are expended than traditional wood pulp toilet papers, which take up to 40 years of maturation before they can be harvested. Making this switch reduces what we have taken from nature and actively restores and adds more green to our planet – now that’s a sustainability goal worth achieving!


2. It’s As Soft, If Not Softer Than Cotton

Bampooh bamboo toilet paper is a versatile, eco-friendly choice that doesn't compromise on comfort. Our product provides the strength and durability of this natural material while also being gentle to the skin - regardless of your personal preferences. Our three-ply bamboo toilet paper rivals some of the most popular toilet papers on the market - even the ones pumped full of chemicals to achieve the same effect.

Worried about scratchiness? We can guarantee it won't be a problem thanks to our quality standards when manufacturing the product - but if you're still on the fence, feel free to order one of the sample rolls before making your purchase decision! Check out packages today and get ready for an eco-friendly upgrade without sacrificing luxury.


3. It’s Strong & Durable

A common myth about Bamboo toilet paper is that it is not strong or durable, causing it to break down or for your fingers to poke through. While this may have been true years ago when Bamboo toilet paper was in its infancy, through technological advances, Bamboo is stronger and softer than ever. Bampooh offers 3-ply toilet paper to ensure you have some of the strongest, softest bamboo toilet paper on the market.

So what exactly does 3-ply mean? 3-ply means that 3 sheets of paper are used to make the product. The higher the number of sheets, the stronger and softer the toilet paper is. If you have ever experienced weak, scratchy toilet paper, it was most likely a 1 or 2 ply toilet paper made of cheaper materials. These are designed for commercial use, such as hotels or rest stops where quantity is chosen over quality.


4. It Doesn’t Clog Septic Tanks

If you are worried about your septic system when switching to bamboo toilet paper, we have great news, it is septic safe! Not only is it biodegradable and septic friendly but it's also strong enough for your everyday needs. While our toilet paper is strong and durable, it breaks down easily when flushed, allowing you to use it in any type of sewer system.

The main reason plumbing pipes get clogged is due to the amount of toilet paper that is used. If too much toilet paper is used, it will not properly break down, causing a blockage in your pipes.


5. It’s Free Of Chemicals

At Bampooh, we offer top-of-the-line bamboo toilet paper for the perfect user experience. Our product is hypoallergenic and free from chemicals – no added fragrances or dyes are used to ensure users with sensitive skin have a safe and comfortable experience every time! Our rolls also boast remarkable softness and durability so you can trust that your visits will be worry-free. Invest in quality; invest in safety - choose our eco-friendly solution today!


Toilet paper often promises a soft, comfortable experience with special scents. Unfortunately, these extra features are sometimes accompanied by harsh chemicals that can harm sensitive skin and lead to irritation or allergies. Suppose you're interested in avoiding such issues without sacrificing your toilet paper preferences. In that case, it's wise to check the manufacturer's website for ingredient lists before making a purchase - this way, you'll be sure of what product is best suited for your needs!


Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Right For You?

Now that we have looked at some of the best reasons you should switch to bamboo toilet paper, it's time to ask yourself, “is bamboo toilet paper right for me?” Since toilet paper is used on some of the most sensitive parts of our body, the comfort level will differ from person to person. To help you find out if bamboo toilet paper is right for you, we offer bamboo toilet paper sample rolls. We are passionate about our products, and we hope you will also be! If you are unsatisfied with your Bampooh order for any reason, we believe that returns and refunds should be easy and hassle-free. 


In the event that you are not satisfied with your order and would like a refund, please email us at hello@bampooh.com within 30 days of receiving your order. We will arrange a refund for you. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with your order number (which you can find in your email confirmation) and describe the issue so that we may be able to resolve it in the future.


Bamboo Toilet Paper From Bampooh

Bampooh is committed to revolutionizing the bathroom experience with its luxurious yet eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper. Our advanced production methods create an all-natural product that's free of harsh chemicals or bleaches, retaining a soft texture and natural scent throughout each roll while preserving its shape. When you choose Bampooh, you are taking care of your family and helping the environment—every purchase helps create a carbon-neutral footprint!


For a luxurious and ethically-sourced bathroom experience, choose Bampooh today! Our soft yet sturdy bamboo toilet paper will provide you with quality comfort without breaking the bank — or your environmental beliefs. Get ready to enjoy an environmentally friendly solution that doesn't skimp on luxury!

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