How Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Made?

How Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Made?

Toilet paper is something that many of us purchase out of habit and necessity without thinking too much about how its made or what it is made out of. Once most find a toilet paper that they like, they usually stick to this type for a while. Many factors determine why people purchase specific toilet paper regardless of its price point, comfort level, or availability.

What many do not know is how their favorite toilet paper might be harming our environment and exposing them to various chemicals. With bamboo toilet paper, you get chemical-free toilet paper that is more eco-friendly than regular toilet paper. Today, we will show you the process of bamboo toilet paper manufacturing to give you a closer look at how switching to bamboo toilet paper can help make an eco-conscious difference.

Bamboo Toilet Paper Manufacturing Process

The bamboo toilet paper manufacturing process is similar to regular toilet paper production but with eco-friendly benefits. Each day, around 27,000 trees are cut down to help supply the world with it’s toilet paper needs. Bamboo offers a more eco-friendly solution as bamboo grows quicker, is more sustainable, and requires no extra chemicals to produce a high-quality product. 

How Bamboo Is Grown

Bamboo starts as a seed and begins its early life as a root, developing into a rootstalk called the rhizome. As the Rhizome develops, more roots are produced, forming a bud. Buds eventually turn into shoots, while the remaining form into more rhizomes. From here, buds will develop into a shoot that grows upward into the bamboo stalks we are familiar with seeing above ground. These shoots grow until they reach its adult height, which usually takes about 60 days. When bamboo reaches this point, it is referred to as a fully grown shoot, or a culm. While culms are done growing at this point, they will continue to grow new leaves as more bamboo shoots start to grow around them.

How Bamboo Is Harvested

Bamboo is harvested in the spring when the plants start to grow. Bamboo is usually harvested when they have reached the adult height and no longer grow in diameter or height. Bamboo shoots are cut at ground level with a sharp knife with a technique that preserves bamboo production. From here, bamboo is cut down to size for transporting and delivered to the processing plant.

How Bamboo Is Pulped & Made Into Toilet Paper

To begin the bamboo pulp process, manufacturers will first break down the bamboo plant into fibers. From here, the fibers are added to a mixture that helps it turn into a pulp. Once the pulp is ready to be produced into toilet paper, it is pressed into the correct formation to create the toilet paper. The toilet paper is left to dry until it is ready to be rolled into long logs, cut to the appropriate size, and packaged up for distribution.

How Fast Does Bamboo Grow? 

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, making it a perfect alternative to normal tree-sourced products. Fun fact, bamboo currently holds the record for fastest-growing plant, clocking in at an astonishing 91cm (35in) inches per day! This registers at a rate of .00002 mph. Out of the 1,000 species of bamboo, as recorded by the RHS Dictionary of Gardening, the fastest-growing bamboo is narrowed down to a specific species. While not all bamboo grows at this record-breaking rate, the other species still grow at an unbelievable pace.

Are There Any Chemicals In Bamboo Toilet Paper?

One of the best qualities of bamboo toilet paper is that there are no chemicals used in most bamboo toilet paper. This makes bamboo toilet paper hypoallergenic, meaning you will have the safest toilet paper you can get. Hypoallergenic toilet paper is the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. Bampooh offers top-of-the-line bamboo-based toilet paper with no added fragrances, dyes, or chemicals to ensure users have a safe and comfortable experience. Our hypoallergenic rolls are also incredibly soft and durable, so you can trust every visit to be one without worry!

With traditional toilet paper, you will find chemicals, dyes, and fragrances used to increase toilet paper's comfort levels and scents. These products can cause irritation and allergy issues for those with sensitive skin. Toilet papers that offer more scents and ultra-soft characteristics usually contain more chemicals and additives than ordinary toilet papers. A great way to find out what is in your toilet paper is to check the manufacturer's website or look at the back of your toilet paper package for a list of ingredients. 

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic/Sewer Friendly?

Make the switch to our bamboo toilet paper, and don't worry about septic issues! Our all-natural features are strong enough for city plumbing and septic systems. Plus, with biodegradability that breaks down over time, you won’t have any worries of clogging - making this a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional tissue products. As with traditional toilet paper, using too much of any type of toilet paper can clog plumbing systems and cause issues.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper As Soft As Cotton?

Bamboo toilet paper is quickly gaining traction as one of the most popular eco-friendly alternatives to traditional brands. Not only does it offer a durable and sustainable solution, but Bampooh's bamboo option also provides an unexpectedly soft experience! For those looking for quality sustainability without sacrificing comfort, our product comes highly recommended - we are confident that you will enjoy using our bamboo toilet paper.

High-Quality Bamboo Toilet Paper From Bampooh

Don't let your eco-friendly switch mean compromises on quality. Bampooh offers the softest and most durable toilet paper, made from natural bamboo, and free of harsh chemicals. Plus, each purchase helps fight climate change! We partner with Ecologi to plant trees using proceeds from our sales - so you can be sure every roll bought will positively impact global forests worldwide. Make sustainability part of your shopping routine: try some Bampooh today for guiltless bathroom convenience!

If you want to try out Bampooh for yourself, shop our bamboo toilet paper selection today.

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