Bamboo Vs Regular Toilet Paper

Bamboo Toilet Paper Vs Regular Toilet Paper

When deciding which toilet paper is best for you, the debate between bamboo and regular toilet paper can be complex. Both have their advantages, but there are some key differences that you should consider before making your decision. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each type of toilet paper to help you make an informed decision.

Bamboo Toilet Paper 

Bamboo toilet paper has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people are looking for environmentally-friendly products. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows back quickly after being harvested. It also requires less water than other plants to grow, so it’s an ideal option for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. Bamboo toilet paper is usually softer than regular toilet paper and often comes in two or three-ply options for added comfort. 

Regular Toilet Paper 

Regular toilet paper is made from wood pulp that has been bleached with chlorine or other chemicals. This process can be environmentally harmful as it releases pollutants into the air and water supply, not to mention the increasing demand for trees for manufacturing. Regular toilet paper can also be harsh on sensitive skin, so it may not be the best option for those with allergies or skin sensitivities. 

Comparing Bamboo Vs. Regular Toilet Paper

To give you a quick and easy comparison of bamboo and regular toilet paper, we will break down five characteristics most people look for in toilet paper.


One of the most critical qualities most people look for in toilet paper is its softness. Toilet paper is used on some of the most sensitive areas of our bodies, so having something comfortable to wipe with is essential.

Regular Toilet Paper - Most toilet paper you see on the shelves will range from 1 to 3 ply, giving you different levels of softness. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be options for softer toilet paper, but you will need to be cautious on what is added to the toilet paper to make it softer.

Bamboo Toilet Paper - Some of the biggest questions we get here at Bampooh are “is bamboo toilet paper soft” and “is bamboo toilet paper scratchy?” Bamboo toilet paper is very soft yet durable to give you a great experience every time you wipe. Bampooh offers three-ply toilet paper for the highest quality available.

Price Point

With many households looking for ways to cut expenses and save money where they can, the price point is something many consider when purchasing toilet paper. However, many are willing to pay more for high-quality products, especially when it comes to hygiene products. 

Regular Toilet Paper - Regular toilet paper is cheaper than Bamboo toilet paper due to its mass production. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper - Bamboo toilet paper is usually a little more expensive since it is not produced in the regular toilet paper volume. However, prices have been dropping over the years as production has increased. You can save money by purchasing bulk or signing up for a Bamboo toilet paper subscription service.

Sewer/Septic Friendly?

For those with septic systems, you must consider if your toilet paper is safe for your plumbing. Most toilet paper is safe for use on city sewage systems, but when it comes to septic systems, many ask whether or not bamboo toilet paper is safe for septic systems.

Regular Toilet Paper - Regular toilet paper is septic/sewer safe as long as you do not use too much. Regular toilet paper breaks down quickly, allowing it to be used in any plumbing system.

Bamboo Toilet Paper - Bamboo toilet paper is also safe for septic/sewer systems. Although it is made from a different material and is very durable, it breaks down easily when submerged in water, making it safe for both septic and sewer systems.


As the climate crisis intensifies, many people are looking for ways to do their part to be more eco-friendly. Something as small as toilet paper can severely impact our environment. Each day, an average of 27,000 trees are harvested worldwide for toilet paper production. Bamboo is a more sustainable option as it grows much faster than regular trees, making it more eco-friendly. 

Regular Toilet Paper - Regular toilet paper is not very eco-friendly as 27,000 trees are cut down each day to keep up with the world’s toilet paper production. As the population increases, this number will increase as well.

Bamboo Toilet Paper - Thanks to it’s fast grow rate and ability to grow with less water, bamboo is a more eco-friendly alternative when it comes to toilet paper production. Since bamboo toilet paper does not contain chemicals, fragrances, and BPAs, you will also cut own on by-products of toilet paper production.


Nobody wants to realize they are out of toilet paper when they need it the most, so having a good supply will ensure you never run out.

Regular Toilet Paper - As we learned during the pandemic, toilet paper shortages are a reality many did not expect to face. Getting to your local grocery store can be frustrating, only to find out they are out of stock on your favorite toilet paper. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper - Bampooh, a bamboo toilet paper provider, keeps a large stock to ensure you never go without your favorite bamboo toilet paper.

So Which Is Best?

Now that we have looked at some of the essential features of toilet paper, you should know everything you need to know to make a decision. When it comes to choosing the best toilet paper, it will come down to personal preference and value. 

Regular toilet paper is usually cheaper but is costly to the environment and may contain harmful chemicals.

Bamboo toilet paper is inexpensive, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly. By switching to bamboo toilet paper, you are also helping the environment by reducing the number of trees cut down for toilet paper production.

Bamboo Toilet Paper From Bampooh

At Bampooh, we are devoted to providing you with the very best in bio-degradable toilet paper. Our eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper is designed using advanced methods of production and made from all-natural materials. We believe you should never have to sacrifice quality when switching to more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 

Our bamboo toilet paper is luxuriously soft yet incredibly durable, thanks to its strength and resilience, which help it retain shape throughout each roll. It's free of any harsh chemicals or bleaches, and our manufacturing process ensures that each product maintains its natural texture, color, and scent. Not only this, but every purchase of Bampooh toilet paper is also carbon-neutral, meaning you can feel good knowing your purchase has created a positive environmental impact. 

We also partner with leading climate-positive company Ecologi to plant trees worldwide through proceeds from every sale we make. With their help, millions of trees have been planted in areas suffering from deforestation due to human activity and climate change. This is one way we hope to contribute towards reversing the effects of climate change tangibly and leaving behind a healthier planet for future generations. 

So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper, choose Bampooh today! Our bamboo toilet paper offers superior comfort without compromising on quality or ethics — giving you an affordable solution that helps protect the environment without sacrificing your comfort levels in the bathroom!

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